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Double Heart Chrome 3 Piece Candle Set

Double Heart Chrome 3 Piece Candle Set

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Double hearts at the base of the candles symbolize the joining together of two hearts on this magnificent 3 piece unity candle set. Celebrate the union of the couple and their families at this heartfelt moment. The set consists of three pieces made from metal with a chrome plated finish. The center large pillar candle has a base featuring two metal wire interlinking hearts, one large and one small. The two side taper candles match with a double metal wire heart stand in the same design. Candles are not included.

Size center pillar 3 5/8inches x 4 3/8inches x 3 3/4inches . Size side tapers 3 7/8inches x 3 5/5inches x 3 3/8inches

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